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Compare St. Louis Moving Companies

If you’re looking to compare St. Louis moving companies there are lots of choices!

When you hire a company to move your office or your home, you’re entrusting it with a very personal part of your life and you want to pick the best company – and you only want to have to do this once, no matter how many times you move. Choosing a high-quality, qualified moving company that has experience in multiple areas ensures you only ever need to find one moving company in the St. Louis area. We are that moving company – and you can feel reassured knowing you can come back to us again and again for any of your future moving or storage needs.

So how does ABC Quality Moving & Storage stack up against other St. Louis moving companies?

ABC Quality Moving & StorageThe Competition
Locally Owned?
  • Family-owned
  • St. Louis has numerous franchises or national chain moving companies
Angie’s List
  • Angie’s List Superstar!
    (less than 5% of companies on Angie’s List receive the award
  • Only one of our competitors can claim this. Some aren’t even on Angie’s List
Movers with decades of experience
  • Yes
  • Ranges from Chuck and his truck on up
Who’s doing the moving?
  • Uses our own movers for long-distance moves
  • Some of our competitors hire college students
Coverage area
  • Experts in residential and commercial moves
  • Some don’t offer long-distance moving
  • Experts in residential and commercial moves
  • Many companies don’t offer commercial moves
  • Offers short-term and long-term storage
  • Most don’t have storage options
Move Planning
  • Assigns a moving planner to help you move
  • Rarely or only sometimes

It’s pretty clear that ABC Quality Moving & Storage is the total package you are looking for to fulfill all your near-term and future moving and storage needs. In addition to the above highlights of our company, we send our people to write on-site estimates, we are insured, we are registered with the U.S. DOT, we have moving supplies, and we can pack your possessions.

We have all the depth and breadth of experience you want in a moving company.

Call us today so we can help you make your upcoming move a smooth one.