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Your Jefferson County Moving Company

Are you an outside the box thinker? Chances are you probably own items that won’t fit in a box either. There are many residents of the 664 square miles that encompass Jefferson County, Missouri with odd items that present a challenge when moving. Jeff Co, as it is known by locals, is proud of its eclectic mix of people and places. Your Jefferson County mover should be ready to move your eclectic mix of belongings, including those items that are oversized, delicate or otherwise odd. Here are some examples of tricky items that were successfully moved in Jefferson County.

A collection of 6,000 salt and pepper shakers. When senior citizen Millie G. decided it was time to downsize, the first thing she had to figure out was what to do with her prize collection. For five decades, Millie had procured an amazing collection of 3,000 pairs of salt and pepper shakers. It seemed like an overwhelming task to pack them all safely and move them to her new villa a few miles north. With the help of her daughter and church members, Millie downsize her collection to her favorite 500 pairs and sold the rest online. It took a few days to pack the salt and pepper shakers she kept, as well as a few newspapers and boxes. Millie was also smart enough to choose ABC Quality Moving and Storage to safely transport her collectibles from Festus to Arnold.

An 11 foot paper mâché Tyrannosaurus Rex. Roger D. and his son Max were determined to win the 4th grade science fair. They succeeded after presenting an 11-foot scaled model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex made from hours of messy paper mâché technique. Even after Max went off to college in Michigan, the dinosaur stayed in his bedroom. The family decided to relocate out of Crystal City, and they weren’t going anywhere without the sculpture. They looked to ABC Quality Moving and Storage to scrupulously protect and load the T-Rex for the out-of-state move. It is now proudly displayed in Roger’s Illinois guest bedroom, and he has ABC Quality Movers to thank for its safe arrival.

Seven vintage arcade games. Timothy is the first to admit he is a geek, and this is reflected in his collection of seven arcade games including PacMan and Galaga. When he built his new construction home in House Springs, he made certain it was customized with plenty of room and electrical outlets for his prized retro games. Timothy relocated from a northern Missouri town to Jefferson County and relied on ABC Quality Moving and Storage to handle these heavy but important possessions.

Your Jefferson County mover is ABC Quality Moving and Storage. Whether you have an exotic collection or simple boxes and furniture, ABC Quality Moving and Storage can handle it all with ease and with care. We can also provide storage for your odd items in a climate controlled environment. Jeff Co folks know who to call when its time to move. Just call the locally owned and operated caring professionals at ABC Quality Moving and Storage at 636-223-MOVE.