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St. Charles County Moving Company

St. Charles County is growing. It has been the fastest-growing county in Missouri for over five decades. This 560 square-mile county northwest of St. Louis was home to under 92,000 people in 1970. In 2023, St. Charles County topped 420,000 residents. Not only is that a lot of people, but it is also a lot of moving. So when you’ve found your next home in St. Charles County, how do you find just the right moving company? Here are five important questions to ask professional movers so you know your choice is right.

How long have you been in business? Researching the history of your St. Charles County mover is the place to start. If they’ve been around a long time, chances are they are doing it right. Subpar movers do not stay in business very long. ABC Quality Moving & Storage has been moving St. Charles County families since 1989. This longevity stems from our exceptional service before, during, and after your move.

Do you have any references? Professional movers should provide a list of previous customers who can share their moving experience. You can also check out online reviews from Google, Yelp, or other sites. Reviews can let potential customers know about hiccups other clients have encountered, which staff members shine, and the company’s overall reputation.

What are the services you offer? Choose a company that is known to be a good St. Charles County mover. This might include junk removal to help you get rid of items you won’t be relocating. You also might need short- or long-term storage if there is a transition time between homes. Maybe your plate is so full that professional packing services would come in handy. ABC Quality Moving & Storage does more than move stuff. We offer all of these services and more. We are your stop for packing supplies, local and long-distance moves, commercial relocation, and much more.

What are my insurance options? This is an important question that is often overlooked. Moving companies offer basic limited liability protection, also called released value coverage. It is required by federal law. This is free to customers and requires movers to reimburse for lost or damaged items based on weight. For example, your St. Charles County moving company may be liable for only 60 cents per pound per item. If your laptop costs $1,000 but weighs four pounds, you will be reimbursed a whopping $2.40. Ask your mover about available full value protection. There is an additional cost, and the exact price and level of protection vary by the company.

Can you provide me with a guaranteed estimate? The last thing you want on moving day is a final bill with unexpected fees. ABC Quality Moving & Storage will provide an on-site estimate for moving your items when possible. If something changes from your original inventory, our expert movers will be upfront about any change in cost. As your St. Charles County moving company, we stand behind our pricing and offer superior value with superior service.

ABC Quality & Storage has earned a reputation as one of the best St. Charles County movers. Our expert team lets you concentrate on establishing your new life in your new home. Start the move process today by calling ABC at 888.983.MOVE.