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St. Peters Moving Company

Interstate 70 is 2,151 miles long. It stretches from Baltimore, Maryland to Cove Fort, Utah. In the heartland of America, six miles of Interstate 70 traverse through the City of St. Peters, Missouri. This western suburb of metro St. Louis is known to be one of the best places to live in Missouri for its affordability, amenities, and family friendly atmosphere. There are 30,000 housing units within the city limits, and applications for building permits have grown every year for the past two decades. St. Peters is a popular place to call home.

If you have detoured off Interstate 70 to plant your roots in St. Peters, finding a St. Peters moving company is at the top of your to do list. It is also the easiest decision you can make. Your St. Peters moving company is ABC Quality Moving & Storage. We’ve been moving St. Peters families since 1989. Our professional movers treat your possessions as if they were our own. ABC Quality Moving & Storage is full service with upfront pricing and attentive service before, during and after your move.

You deserve the best possible service from your St. Peters moving company. Relocation is a chaotic time of planning, packing, calling, listing, buying, and selling. Even the most organized person can overlook a task necessary to make a move successful. You may need to go out and get a few more moving boxes, or you may forget to make arrangements for your pets for moving day. ABC Quality Moving & Storage knows everything about moving, so here are five easily missed items that will help wrap up your move.

Return the library books. Imagine the feeling of unpacking your kid’s bedroom and finding two books that belong back in the library in your former town 800 miles away. Don’t pay that daily 25-cent fine until their safe return. Instead, inventory the books in your home, and return those books to the local library before you move.

Pick up your dry cleaning. That dress you need for your sister’s upcoming wedding won’t do you any good if it hangs at your old dry cleaner two states away. If you find errant laundry or dry cleaning tickets while you are packing, make sure to recover all your clothes and not leave them behind.

Get your prescription medications form the pharmacy. You can pick up pain reliever for your moving headache at any convenience store, but you’ll be in trouble if your asthma inhaler is at a pharmacy far, far away. At the time you pick up your medicine, also inform your pharmacy to transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy closer to your new address.

Give the neighbor back his weed eater. Leaving your neighbors is a hard part of moving, and taking neighbor Jim’s lawn equipment with you to your St. Peters home isn’t a recommended way to remember him. Return the weed eater to Jim and the casserole dish to Elle down the block. If you have loaned out items, it is perfectly fine to ask your friends and neighbors to return them before you move. When your St. Peters moving company pulls up in front of your new home, you can smile because you won’t be paying to relocate someone else’s stuff.

Mind your mail. You might have changed your address for just about every credit card and relative, but don’t forget to tell the United States Postal Service. You can change your address and forward your mail easily online. Check your mailbox one last time on moving day, and leave your new address for the people moving into your former home so they can collect and forward anything important delivered after you are gone.

Your St. Peters moving company is ABC Quality Moving & Storage. Trust us to get your possessions safely to your new home. Our staff expert staff provides unparalleled service throughout your move. We’re committed to providing you affordable, safe and expedient moving and Storage services. Let us know how we can help you. Call ABC Quality Moving at 636-467-7555 to get started on your next move.