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Preparing to Move to St. Louis

Moving can be very stressful, whether you’ve done it only once or 10 times. Preparing to move to St. Louis doesn’t have to be.

Moving to St. Louis
Preparing to move to St. Louis? We’ve got  you covered!

Here are some ways you can reduce that stress as much as possible while getting ready to make St. Louis, Missouri your new home!

  1. Choose a moving date. Believe it or not it’s pretty crucial to be able to plan around a fixed date.
  2. Consider keeping a notebook or folder dedicated to the move, complete with a checklist like this one.
  3. Decide what you want to move.
  4. Choose whether you want to do all the packing yourself, have us partially pack you, or have us fully pack you.
  5. Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation quote. Remember to consider items that are fragile, and vehicles you will want to move.
  6. If you pack yourself, first pack items you will not need right away at your new location, finishing with items you will need right away at your new location. Grouping items by category will help you label boxes so you know what’s in them without needing to open the boxes. Label boxes with the room they will go in at your next location to make it faster and easier for our movers to move you in – and to make it easier on yourself when you begin to unpack.
  7. For moving day to St. Louis, make sure you have your moving contract and any other paperwork for your move readily accessible – maybe in the notebook or folder you started keeping at the beginning of your move.