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Moving to St. Louis? There’s Something For Everyone!

St. Louis has Something for Everyone

Moving to the St. Louis area in the near future? St. Louis and the surrounding area has something to offer everyone – plenty of parks, several museums, professional sports teams, great food, and plenty of other attractions.

Moving to St Louis? Make time to see the Gateway Arch!
Moving to St Louis? Make time to see the Gateway Arch!

The Arch
When someone says “St. Louis,” the iconic Gateway Arch, or the “Gateway to the West,” springs to mind. Visitors to the stainless steel monument can ride an elevator 630 feet up to get an expansive view of St. Louis and the surrounding area. Visitors also can tour the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial below the Arch to find out more about the history of Lewis and Clark, who took off from St. Louis on their journey exploring the western United States.

St. Louis Parks
There are many parks in the Greater St. Louis area, but here is a list of some of the most well-known:

  • Forest Park: This approximately 1,300-acre park has a zoo, an art museum, history museum, science center, opera house, boat house, skating rink, tennis center, golf courses and areas to play tennis, baseball, soccer and rugby, and you can bike, walk and run in the park.
  • Citygarden: Come see 24 sculptures, numerous plants, six rain gardens and eat in a café overlooking the garden.
  • Laumeier Sculpture Park: Explore 60 large-scale outdoor sculptures on 105 acres of land.
  • Butterfly House: See butterflies and attend education programs, special events, and lectures in 16,000 square foot of Conservatory Garden, classroom, theater, and gift shop.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden: This 79-acre garden has sculptures, gardens, trees, plants, educational programs, and more.

St. Louis Museums

  • The Magic House: Just for kids, this museum is housed in a Victorian mansion and offers fun and educational activities that include acting out the role of president in the Oval Office, stocking shelves in a grocery store, and changing the tire on a wooden car.
  • City Museum: This playground for all ages has a toddler town castle, aquarium, cave system, slides, climbing areas, a roof area that includes a school bus, and so much more to explore!
  • Art Museums: The St. Louis Art Museum has art from a range of centuries and cultures, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis has art from more current artists, and the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum on the Washington University campus has a collection of contemporary art.
  • St. Louis Science Center: Experience a planetarium, Omnimax theater, agricultural pavilion, and more than 700 interactive experiences.

Professional Sports Teams


  • Try Gooey Butter Cake at several bakeries and grocery stores around St. Louis, including at Gooey Louie.
  • Toasted Ravioli also is special – and native – to St. Louis. It’s golden-fried ravioli! Eat toasted ravioli made from scratch at Lombardo’s Trattoria.
  • Get a brain freeze from eating a concrete at Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard.

Other Attractions

  • Six Flags St. Louis: This Six Flags park offers all the thrill rides and waterpark rides you could want in a theme park.
  • Saint Louis Zoo: This zoo has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading zoological parks and offers attractions like Big Cat Country, Penguin & Puffin Coast, a petting zoo and so much more to awe the entire family.

This is just a list of some highlights in the St. Louis area, but St. Louis offers so much more. If you are planning a move to St. Louis soon, call us at (314) 772-1887 or (636) 467-7555 to find out how we can help you move to St. Louis.