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Why All-in-One Moving & Storage is a Better Choice

Even the best planning in life cannot account for every imaginable variable.

We all have been to a housewarming party and heard the story of our friend who was set to move out of their house into a brand-new home, only to discover the week before the move that the house wasn’t ready, whether because the house didn’t pass inspection, or some appliances weren’t going to be installed in time, or maybe the new floors weren’t in yet and were going to be delayed another week. And they couldn’t stay in their current home for that week.

All-in-one moving and storage company in St. LouisAt that point, so much had been set in motion it seemed impossible to undo. Even if your friend could scramble around to find a storage facility to keep their furniture and the bulk of their possessions during that week of time before they could move into their new place, all of a sudden that’s a new set of companies to research, a new contract to sign, and new fees and contingencies to understand. That would also mean calling the moving company to explain the situation and to arrange for a new moving destination. The time leading up to a move is so busy, it puts a strain on everyone’s ability to be patient and deal with curveballs that come their way.

When you choose a moving company that also has storage options, you take away that layer of complexity. You have a backup plan in place, an insurance policy against having to do a lot more legwork if the need for storage arises. ABC Quality Moving & Storage already has storage facilities set up for short-term storage needs, and our movers move possessions in and out of our storage facilities all the time.

We are the only moving company in the St. Louis area to offer weekly storage options, because customers usually only need storage in increments of one week. Not only do we offer great weekly storage plans, we also offer moving-friendly storage facilities. All of our sanitized storage facilities are state-of-the-art, alarmed and secured with mobile monitoring. We offer both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled facilities at competitive rates. Our units all are located on the first floor, with drive-up access, allowing maximum savings of both time and money and the most efficient loading and unloading possible. This takes a lot of the stress and frustration out of having to store your belongings for a period of time between residences.

So imagine the story you might tell at your next housewarming party: There you were, all ready to move to your next house, when all of a sudden you were told you couldn’t go but you also couldn’t stay. What did you do? You kept your cool and picked up the phone, called ABC Quality Moving & Storage, and in that one phone call you explained the situation, arranged for storage of your belongings, and an additional moving date. You’ll say you had that ace up your sleeve in case you needed it, and your guests will be impressed at your foresight and your ability to keep your cool under pressure.