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Should You Avoid Pod Moving Companies?

The past decade has given rise to a plethora of pod “moving” companies. Franchises under a wide variety of names popped up left and right with idea pitch that moving operators pretty much could run a moving business with truck drivers.

Save your energy for unpacking and not moving!Moving is physically exhausting. You need to pack all your possessions, move them out of your residence, transport them to your new residence, move them into that residence, and unpack them.

The most difficult part of all that moving is lifting the heavy furniture, heavy boxes and bulky items. Pod moving companies, the ones that drop a giant moving box in your driveway (or worse, your street) and move it when it’s full, don’t help you with the heavy lifting. Stairs? Second floor? Heavy furniture? If you use a pod to move your possessions, it’s still on you to move all your items into and out of the pod.

When you have to pack your own giant moving box, you have to figure out what should go where and how to protect all your items. This is a balancing act that requires careful planning ahead of time and patience on the day you move, especially if things aren’t fitting as planned.

Let’s look at benefits of moving companies over pod places:

  • With pods or containers, YOU practically become the moving company, so you pay for the pod and the you pay in your time and sweat equity while the operator is really just in the container transportation business and moves them around while charging you “rent” to use them
  • Pods and containers count on you holding onto them as long as possible since you have to effectively pack AND move everything into the container ahead before the truck even shows up to pick it back up
  • Your stuff sits outside longer (instead of having moving boxes and furniture loaded day-of, it’s all hanging out in sometimes very adverse temperatures)
  • Pod loading/unloading: So you’ve loaded your pod and it’s off to your new home; now you have to figure out how to unload all of the boxes (and you haven’t even unpacked them yet)

Hiring professional St. Louis movers helps to ensure you don’t have to move your heavy and bulky items, freeing you up to get to unpacking and moving in instead of expending all of your energy in just unloading your household. It’s not so much of a question so could you do everything but should you? Pod places may be a good fit for some folks but if you’re not looking to play movers for a day (or much longer depending on the woman/man-power available to you), then the experts might be the right way to go.

Experienced movers skilled in stacking and proper loading optimizes your move. Moving is stressful enough without adding in the physical exertion of lifting and moving your possessions yourself, so it pays to hire a professional St. Louis moving company that can quickly and skillfully pack your possessions together and then move them from one location to another.