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Move Before the Weather Gets Cold

Feel that cooler weather moving in? It’s been a long, hot summer, and now you can enjoy walking outside without immediately breaking a sweat. This is the perfect weather for moving.

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If you’re planning a move soon and have the flexibility to pick a time of year to do it, fall is the perfect season for moving. It’s not so hot you wonder if you’ll pass out trying to move your possessions from one location to another, and it’s not so cold you feel like being outside might make your extremities go numb. If you hire movers to do it, especially for the heavy lifting, the summer heat requires you and them to take more breaks to drink liquids and cool down and costs everyone more in energy in general. The winter means potentially snowy or icy conditions during your move, which could make the move more stressful for everyone as they consider where it’s safe to step and how long you, your St. Louis movers and your possessions would be all right outside (your freezer goods would be the only truly happy campers in this situation).

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Consider this: the ideal temperature range for possessions is between 55 degrees and 85 degrees. This range is consistently achievable in the fall. This temperature range also doesn’t necessarily make you worry about the additional energy costs involved with moving in much warmer or much colder weather. You can turn off the climate control and leave the doors of your residence and vehicles open the entire time you’re moving without having to worry too much about the energy costs associated with bringing the interiors of those spaces back to normal when you’re done with the move. But if you move in much warmer or colder temperatures, you’re going to want to leave the heat or air conditioning on and then you’ll worry a lot more about whether you’re letting the heat escape in the winter or cold air escape in the summer.

Fall weather is best for moving. Besides, what more picturesque backdrop can you imagine for a move than a layer of fallen leaves in the yard? And this month, pumpkins? Before it gets too cold, schedule your move. Call us at 1-888-983-6683 and we’ll help you iron out the details and schedule your next move.