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One and Done St. Louis Moving Service

You’re busy; you’re moving for goodness sake!

We’re here to help free up your time for more important reminders. When you think of a moving company, you might think only of the bare essentials of every moving company – picking up the heavy items, putting them in a truck, and unloading them at another location.

One and Done St. Louis Moving ServiceThe team here at ABC Quality Moving & Storage go far beyond the bare minimum required to be called a St. Louis moving company. Of course we move all your possessions, but we are more than just a professional moving labor service. We have you covered for all aspects of your move. We can provide you with any of the moving supplies you need to box up your possessions, from your wardrobe to breakables like lamps to TVs and anything in between.

Or, if you prefer to leave the packing to professionals, we can pack your belongings for you. As with any aspect of our moving services, we are happy to come to your residence to give you a written, no-obligation quote.

Along with moving supplies and packing services, we offer storage services by the week, which is in contrast to many storage facilities in the area, which charge for monthly storage services. Our storage services allow you to store your possessions at our facilities if you would need to bridge a gap between the time you move out of one residence into another. Our storage facilities are drive-up accessible, which allows us to quickly and easily unload belongings from a moving truck into the storage unit, then load it back up when you are ready to move them into your new residence.

When you think of what it takes to move, all the logistics and physical tasks, if you’re looking for an all-in-one moving service, call us at (314) 772-1887.