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Box Packing Tips

A move can go more smoothly when the packing is done right. While arguably a science in today’s day and age, here are some tips for the best ways to pack boxes for your upcoming move.

Use the right size boxes
The goal in packing to move is not to use as many boxes or as few boxes as possible, but to use the right size boxes for the items you need to pack. Use smaller boxes for heavy items, such as books, and larger boxes for lighter items, such as comforters and pillows.

There are some great ways to pack well and undoubtedly many more ways to pack inefficiently!

How to pack fragile items
Wrap each fragile item individually, pad the box with several inches of soft material, and use padding between items. Seal the box well with packing tape. Write “fragile” on the box and list the contents on the outside.

Pack heavier items first
Pack heavy items on the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top. As you pack, stack heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Put boxes of fragile items in a separate area.

Pack boxes full
Fill boxes completely, not leaving any empty spaces. Use clothing, towels, or packing paper to fill any empty spaces in the boxes. Be careful not to overfill any boxes, since sealing them well is necessary to make sure they keep their contents inside.

First pack things you won’t need right away
At the beginning of your packing, start with seasonal items and any items you don’t need before your move and items you won’t need immediately after your move. Things like holiday décor and clothing for other seasons are perfect items to start with, since you won’t miss them.

Use appropriate boxes
In addition to small, medium and large boxes, there are several types of specialized boxes for packing. Wardrobe boxes are good for clothes on hangers, suits, dresses, formal wear, and long coats, along with shoes and other small, light items. Wardrobe boxes should be packed as close to your moving date as possible because the boxes do not hold up for long periods of time, since they typically are not tightly packed.

Dish pack boxes are reinforced with another layer of cardboard and are good for packing your dishes, glasses, fragile items and knickknacks. Even though the box is reinforced you should use packing paper and/or bubble wrap to wrap individual items so they are less likely to break. Dish pack inserts also are available to make packing your dishes easier.

Picture and TV boxes are two more examples of boxes made for moving special items. To make your list of pre-moving action items easier, we offer a variety of boxes and packing materials.

Seal boxes well
As you finish packing each box, use packing tape to seal the bottoms and tops of the boxes. Interlocking box tops is not an efficient method for sealing boxes. Label the boxes with the room they will go in at your next location.

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