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St. Louis Apartment Movers

Ummm… That’s quite a lot of floors and it could take you all weekend.

St. Louis apartment moving can be tricky; we all think moving from one apartment to another is easy and we can do it without help. After all, what’s the big deal? There’s less stuff since apartments are smaller than houses, right? It wouldn’t take all that long, right?

Sure, you could do it yourself. But add up the time it takes to pack, load everything in a vehicle at your old apartment, unload it at your new apartment, and the number of times it would take to go back and forth, even if you have a friend to help you, and you quickly realize passenger vehicles aren’t meant to carry all our household possessions around in them. (Ever tried getting a TV into the back of a car or a truck? Now that takes some serious maneuvering, if you’re successful! And we don’t recommend strapping it to the roof…)

And that’s if there are no stairs. We’ll be gentle and not bring up the stairs you might have at your old apartment or at your new apartment (have you noticed stairs at apartment buildings are a lot longer than in houses? Weird, huh?)

You could solve the problem of the passenger vehicle by renting a moving truck. But then you have to pick up the truck, inspect it, drive it back to your apartment, load it, drive it to your new apartment, unload it at your new apartment, return it and make sure you’re not getting charged for damage to the truck if you didn’t cause any. If you’re lucky you get everything in one trip. But there goes your day, and some of your money, too. (Were there stairs?)

In either scenario, you’re tired at the end of the day and you still have to clean your old apartment and unpack everything at your new apartment. Doesn’t that sound fun after a long day of moving and driving back and forth?

To truly understand the full scope of a move, you also need to consider how valuable your time is. If you were being paid to move at the same rate you were paid at your day job, would you still think it was a valuable use of your time to move yourself compared to hiring professional movers? We bet you’d say no.

St. Louis Apartment Movers to the Rescue

If you hire ABC Quality Moving & Storage, we arrive at your old apartment (notice – no driving yet on your part!) at an agreed-upon time, load your household in a fast, efficient way (almost as if we did this for a living… hmm…) into our truck, drive to your new apartment, and unload it quickly. We’d most likely do it all in one trip because we would have come to your apartment before your move to estimate how big of a truck and how many movers to use to make your move go as quickly and smoothly as possible. When we leave you don’t have to worry about returning a truck or feeding the friends who helped you move if you didn’t hire us. And you don’t have to carry your own furniture or appliances up and down any stairs, if there are any. (Are there stairs?). Let’s take the stress out of St. Louis apartment moving!

Which scenario sounds more relaxing? Whether or not you’re convinced to hire us, give us a call for a free, no-obligation written estimate and decide for yourself if it’s worth the extra time and effort on your part to move yourself from one apartment to another or if it’s a better investment to hire the pros.