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Moving During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many of us at home for extended periods of time…just enough time to figure out that your current residence may not fit your needs. With historic low mortgage rates and a desire for better accommodations, many of us are on the move.

Moving across the street or across the county already has its challenges. In the wake of COVID, however, you may be anxious about how to remain safe during the process. A safe and successful move is possible with the right preparation and adherence to recommended guidelines.

Moving During COVIDShedding Your Stuff

When you begin the moving process, you will likely want to sell or donate items you aren’t bringing to your new place. Limit the number of people that come into your home, and remember to practice social distancing. Think twice before hosting a garage sale unless you plan to wipe down items that are being handled often. Contact any charity prior to making the trip to donate, as many of them are overwhelmed with donated items from people just like you. After dropping off donations, remember to wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer.

Packing Your Property

Make sure you start the packing process with more than enough material than you think you might need. You don’t want to find out the day before your move that you don’t have enough boxes or wrap to finish up. It is simpler to donate unused boxes and tape to others who are moving than to risk trips to home improvement stores for more empty boxes and supplies. Our St. Louis moving tips can help make the process easier.

Is Your Mover Mindful of COVID?

When you select a moving company, ask them what precautions they are taking for your protection. Here at ABC Quality Moving, we follow strict protocols including routine health checks of our employees, mask and social distancing requirements, and frequent handwashing. We make each and every adjustment necessary to ensure the safety of our clients.

Moving Day and After

Limiting exposure is always a good rule to follow. Remain six feet away from the moving crew, and avoid handshakes. Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer will also come in handy. If you consider offering a tip, ask about cashless transactions such as Venmo or a credit card. At the height of the pandemic, many people chose to have boxes delivered to a garage or other single area for “quarantining” so they could be wiped down and unpacked. As long as you and your professional mover follow CDC guidelines including social distancing, mask wearing and other precautions, the stress of your move can be dramatically lessened.

Give Yourself Space

Everything we undertake during this pandemic is harder. Make sure you give yourself enough time and compassion, especially now. Your stuff will get where it needs to go, and there will be an end to the bubble wrap and cable television appointments. Choosing the right St. Louis mover is the beginning to making your next move as easy as possible. Call ABC Quality Moving and Storage today at (314) 772-1887 to find out how we can move you in the right direction.