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Current Moving Trends

The recent pandemic brought many of us to a halt. We’re working from home and learning from home. As a result, more people are changing homes, and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon. So who is moving, where they are going, and what it takes to get there?

Current Moving TrendsDuring 2020, Millennials pushed the housing boom to new heights. First time home buying rose 33%. Many of this generation were putting off buying a home until ability to put off student loan payments meant they could save for bigger down payments. Millennials are not moving far from home, though. Over 60% of moves in the last half of 2020 were under 100 miles.

Crowded cities are becoming less crowded. Many workers began their work at home routine with the idea that it would be temporary. Companies have found they can manage and even thrive with a remote work force, and their employees are ditching expensive city living and opting for larger places in the suburbs or even more rural areas.

Moves out of expensive cities are also influenced by many who have changed jobs after losing them during the pandemic. Suburbs and beyond often offer more affordable living opportunities. This is having an impact on prices. San Francisco, one of the most expensive markets in the nation, has seen home prices drop as much as 3% as the exodus to open spaces continues. Outlying cities such as Sacramento, California have seen real estate prices go up almost 25%. It looks like for the near future, greener pastures are going to cost you.

Not all moves are big ones. Those Millennials are happy with smaller homes and less maintenance, while many families are looking for yards, clean air and highly rated school districts. About 30% of all moves involve a one-bedroom dwelling. Many of us are also choosing to move closer to loved ones. The need to stay away from family and friends for months at a time has brought many of back home to live closest to those we seemed farthest from.

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