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Choosing Professional Packers

Congratulations on your upcoming move!

Along with the excitement of a new home is the dreaded task of packing all of your stuff. Before you drag home empty paper boxes from the office, consider the option of professional packing services. Though it requires an increased investment, utilizing the knowledge and experience of full service movers makes sense for several reasons.

Save time and effort. Packing is time-consuming, and you might underestimate how long it actually takes. Pro packers bring the boxes, wrap, tape and know how. You won’t have to drive around to get supplies, and you won’t have to fold, stuff or stack. Those extra vacation days can be used for something more important like removing the ugly wallpaper border in your new kitchen.

Prevent broken possessions and broken bones. Professional packers use sturdy boxes and pack your items with just the right cushion and care. Your belongings will be packed soundly. Your pro packers will prevent injuries to you from dropped boxes and back aches from picking up the heavy ones.

Take extra care of your specialty items. You may have valuable items that deserve special attention to ensure safe arrival. Pro packers are trained in handling odd sized or shaped items, valuables or fragile items.

Leave the liability to them. When a pro packer’s work results in a broken item, you are usually covered. Your full service mover is required to carry insurance, so be sure consult your professional’s policy for more information.

ABC Quality Moving & Storage offers expertise in in packing, moving, and unpacking your home or business. The moving process requires a lot of decision-making. One easy decision is calling ABC Quality Moving & Storage to take your through it. We handle your move like it is our own. Our goal is to make your relocation as stress free as possible. After you’ve found your new home, your next call should be to ABC Quality  Moving & Storage at 636-223-MOVE.