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Hot Real Estate Market Can Mean Costlier DIY Moves

The real estate market is hotter than it has been in decades. It is not just houses in short supply. Truck rentals are becoming harder to secure in America’s bustling cities. More moves means more money when it comes to DIY moving. This parallels the increase in cost of rental cars at many vacation destinations in the U.S. During the pandemic, the extreme drop in travel led many rental car companies to sell off inventory to make ends meet. Companies that rent larger vans and trucks including U-Haul and Budget followed suit. Now, the reduced number of available vehicles and the increased demand for them combine for the perfect -and expensive- storm.

Hot Real Estate Market Can Mean Costlier DIY MovesAmerica’s West Coast is seeing the greatest spike in truck rental prices. A survey by Jalopnik in September 2020 found that the cost to rent a 10’ U-Haul truck from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California for a week cost $711. If you were moving from LA to Austin, however, the same truck and duration would set you back $1,883. The survey found prices in California were up to four times higher than other cities, even five time higher if your move originated in San Francisco.

Even before the pandemic, prices to rent a truck for interstate moves were increasing. The cost of renting a truck to move from Phoenix to Los Angeles was only $324 for a 10” box truck. From L.A. to Phoenix, the cost jumped to just under $2,000. The St. Louis market has seen prices increase up to 75% for short term truck rentals over the last two years. The increased cost of renting a truck to complete your move means full-service interstate movers are an appealing option.

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