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A Look at Current Moving Trends

Current moving trends Since moving is a global industry, there are a lot of trends to track. During the COVID-19 pandemic moving was considered an essential business. This means that across other industries that might be closed, moving companies were open.

Forced moving

According to research done by Pew Research Center, more than 22% of adults have said they moved due to the pandemic. Since many businesses are closing and people are out of work, some people have been forced to move. Some cities have implemented a temporary ban on evictions and foreclosures, which has helped some people save their homes. There have been three main reasons people have chosen to move during the pandemic:

  1. They were unable to afford their current rent or mortgage due to loss of income
  2. They chose to quarantine or shelter-in-place with family and friends to safe
  3. They felt unsafe in the city they were currently in due to Coronavirus

Who moved during the pandemic?

Three percent of those surveyed, said they have since moved permanently due to COVID-19. Around one in ten young adults moved during outbreak. This age group includes those 18-29 years old. These moves could be attributed to college campuses closing and possible job loss. According to the study, Asian and Hispanic adults are more likely than whites to move during the pandemic. The study showed 7% of Asians, 6% of Hispanics and 2% of whites said they have moved.

Where are they moving?

Since the beginning of lockdown in March, there has been a dramatic shift of people out of eastern states like New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. With this drop in residents on the eastern seaboard, trends have shown a dramatic shift in people moving west, particularly Midwest to states like Iowa and Nebraska. America has also seen a shift in people choosing to quarantine in warmer states, like Arizona, which has shown significant increase in population since the start of lockdown. The majority of those who moved, 61%, said they moved back to their family home.

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