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St Louis Restaurant Moving

As Americans emerge from pandemic isolation, they are finding the restaurant landscape has changed.

Over 10% of U.S. restaurants have permanently closed since March 2020. However, many entrepreneurs have ventured to open new eateries- equaling 20% of all new businesses born during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are changing location, décor, or even purpose, the logistics of moving a food service business are complex and require attention to detail. ABC Quality Moving and Storage are experts in restaurant moving. Here are some things to keep in mind for your restaurant move.

St Louis Restaurant Moving

Restaurant owners know that successful service requires all parts moving in sync. A smooth move starts with planning. Make an inventory of what needs to be moved, then decide how it will be moved and in what time-frame this will be accomplished. A good place to start is in the kitchen. Industrial refrigeration units and specialized ovens or fryers require special packing measures. Make sure these items are emptied, cleaned and unplugged prior to moving. Each piece should be wrapped properly to keeps all parts in place during the move, as well as prevent damage. These appliances are bulky, so leaving relocation of these items to the professionals is best.

Next, it’s time to prepare breakables for moving. Plates and glasses should be cleaned and wrapped individually in bubble wrap. Organize items in clearly labeled boxes and keep like items together. This makes the unpacking much easier. Make sure you don’t over pack a single box. Limiting the weight makes it easier to handle and less likely to be mishandled. For cutlery, store it in the original case if possible, and mark knives as breakable or fragile to avoid injury.

Tables, chairs and other restaurant furniture should be disassembled and stacked before moving. Again, make sure they are clean and get an accurate count of furniture pieces. Keep indoor furniture and patio tables and chairs separate. Finally, pack your point-of-sale items, computer and office equipment with care, and inventory your items for easy reference.

Timing your restaurant move is critical when changing locations. You want to keep service disruption to a minimum. Consider moving at the end of a workday, on a holiday, or shutting down operations on the day of the week your business is lightest. Keep in mind that ABC Quality Moving and Storage can also store your equipment and furniture for short or long periods if your location is in flux.

Simplify your restaurant relocation by choosing the professionals at ABC Quality Moving and Storage. We coordinate your move from serving forks to fondue fountains with care and efficiency. We offer full service packing and relocation, or we can tailor our services to your unique needs. When ABC Quality Moving and Storage handles your restaurant moving logistics, you can focus on what is most important- your guests. Call for a no-obligation quote at 636-242-MOVE.