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Local St. Louis Movers are the Best Choice

Bigger is not always better, and that is especially true when it comes to finding a mover.

Many national companies claim hometown values and personal service.  A locally owned and operated moving company will have the right combination of expertise and experience to get you where you need to go. Here’s why-

Local Movers are the Best ChoiceA local mover can review your items in person to give you an accurate estimate. The last thing you want is a moving bill higher than you expect. National moving companies may only be able to offer a quote based on what you tell them. So invite your local mover to your home or business, and show them what they will be transporting. They will provide you with a specific estimate of moving costs and not surprise surcharges.

Local movers know their way around. Knowledge of traffic and area roadways mean your things will get to your new place on the most efficient route possible. Local movers avoid heavy traffic, one-way streets and dead-ends. They don’t need to rely on directions from a smart phone. Those moving smarts mean a stress-free move for you.

A local moving company provides service before, during and after your move. It starts with a local phone call. It continues with a moving staff that cares about providing you good service because they are a part of your community. After the move, if you have any concerns, your local mover is still here to help you. Referrals come from happy customers, so your local company will strive to make sure your experience is second to none.

You’ll spend less using a local mover, and your money stays in the community. It feels good to know that the investment you make in your move also fuels the local economy. The cost of your move will be competitive because your local mover does not have the expenses that come with a nationwide company. Local movers don’t need to pay for call centers, big headquarters or huge advertising budgets. They can concentrate on the one thing that matters most- your move.

In the St. Louis metro area, your local mover is ABC Quality Moving. Our staff provides unparalleled service throughout your move. We’re committed to providing you affordable, safe and expedient moving and storage services. Let us know how we can help you. Call ABC Quality Moving at 314-772-1887 to get started on your next move.