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Finding an Affordable Mover in St. Louis

Once you’ve discovered the perfect place to make your next home, it’s time to choose a mover.
Your goal is to have a successful and stress-free move without breaking the bank. You may consider doing it yourself if you have a tight budget. DIY moves may not be as cheap as you think.

Finding an Affordable Mover in St. LouisSo before you go with the first result of an internet search, here are some helpful tips to finding an affordable mover.

  1. Don’t put it off.
    This hot housing market means more competition for moving resources. Waiting until the last minute to hire a mover may mean inflated prices, or worse, no availability. You will get better pricing and service staring your search as soon as you know you need it.
  2. Be flexible on the time and date of your move.
    For those moving on a budget, flexibility in what day of the week and time of day you move can bring the price down. Moving companies are less busy on weekdays or during the middle of the month. You might just get a better deal if you book your move on a slower day.
  3. Ask your friends and families for their recommendation.
    Find a moving company with the right combination of affordability and reliability by asking around. Ask people you trust about their moving experiences. Not only might you find a great mover, you also might get some tips and tricks to make your move smoother.
  4. Check online mover reviews.
    Once you’ve found a few companies that might fit your needs, turn to online review sites for more information. You will see a glimpse of the company’s track record of professionalism and service. Most companies will have both good and bad reviews. Pay special attention to how a business owner reacts to a negative review. If it shows they genuinely own their mistakes, don’t take them off the list for one error.
  5. Get quotes.
    The best way to make sure you are getting an affordable move is to compare prices. Give each company specific information about how much you are moving, how far you are moving, and if there are any items that need special attention. A mover may want to visit your home to visually inspect your items to offer you the most accurate estimate.
  6. Choose your moving company, and solidify your plans.
    Go ahead- book your movers, and sign your contract. In the St. Louis metro area, your search for an affordable mover ends with ABC Quality Moving & Storage. Our friendly and professional staff will provide you a solid estimate and only the best service throughout the moving process.

We are your all-in-one St. Louis, MO moving company. Call ABC Quality Moving and Storage today at (314) 772-1887!