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Protecting Furniture with Temporary Climate Controlled Storage

This housing market is hot. You may sell your house before you’ve found another place to call home.

Lucky enough, you can stay with your in-laws until the perfect home becomes available. What about your houseful of stuff? Don’t put your furniture under your in-law’s carport. A better choice is temporary climate controlled storage for your valuables.

Protecting Furniture with Temporary Climate Controlled StorageBasic self-storage may not be sufficient to protect sensitive belongings. Climate controlled storage is perfect for antiques, wood furniture, mattresses, electronics, important documents and books, collectibles and more. Consider the advantages of climate-controlled storage and whether this upgrade is right for you.

Protect your items from temperature extremes. Here in the Midwest, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees during summer months and well below zero in the winter. Many materials can warp or crack if subjected to changing temperatures. Climate controlled storage units at ABC Quality Moving and Storage are kept between 55 and 85 degrees. Much of your personal property is irreplaceable, so protecting it from the weather just makes sense.

Protect your items from dust, pests and poor air quality. Our climate controlled storage facilities are smoke-free, and we employ a regular pest control regimen to help keep your belongings in the same shape as when you placed them in our care. Our facilities protect your belongings from tracked in dirt, wind and the elements.

Store your stuff for a week or a year. You may only need to keep your items in storage for a short period, but you also might need the flexibility to leave it them safely put for a longer term. ABC Quality Moving and Storage will work with you to provide just the right service for just the right period of time.

Temporary climate controlled storage at ABC Quality Moving and Storage provides you with peace of mind. You know your items will be protected from the random weather of St. Louis seasons and from other elements like smoke and water. You and your family may have to stay at the in-laws for a while, but your furniture and personal items can stay at our clean climate controlled facility. The professionals at ABC Quality Moving and Storage care for your items as if they were our own. We pride ourselves on being St. Louis’s one stop shop for your moving and storage needs. Get started today by calling 1-888-983-MOVE.