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Senior Citizen Moves

There’s an entire industry dedicated to helping us age gracefully. Smiling seniors on the screen tout insurance plans while powerwalking down tree-lined trails. For the rest of us, aging brings brand new challenges. Health and financial issues can have some seniors rethinking their living situation. Maybe the stairs in your two-story Colonial are have become more difficult to navigate. Perhaps the utility bills in your rambling ranch are taking too much out of your budget. Whether a senior needs to downsize or move closer to the grandkids, it is important to know the unique trials associated with moving a senior citizen.

Senior Citizen Moves

It may be time to downsize. Are there unused rooms in your senior’s home? Look beyond a guest bedroom that is seldom used. Dust collecting on the formal dining room table and boxes in the basement that have not been opened in years suggest that a smaller home would benefit a senior.

Free yourself from maintenance and repairs. Getting rid of the family home can be emotional, but it can also be a big relief. Purchasing a condo or renting an apartment means you won’t have to spend your golden years (or golden budget) maintaining a yard, replacing a roof or any of the other countless maintenance items that go into owning a house.

The current housing market may give you a financial bump. There is an increased demand for housing, and it could be just the right time for your senior to take advantage of increased value. When you think it is more profitable to cash in than hang on, bring in a real estate professional to help you understand the benefit of selling a home.

Move closer to those who have already moved farther away. Lots of adults move away from their childhood cities for jobs, for love or for adventure. If a senior is missing too many of the grandkids’ softball games or band concerts, consider moving closer. Even if an elderly person does not yet need assistance, having them relocate closer to friends and family members will make the adjustment easier when a higher level of care is warranted.

Once you’ve confirmed your relocation, contact a trusted company experienced with senior moves. ABC Quality Moving & Storage provides full service moving with a patient and professional staff. We provide competitive pricing and handle your possessions as if they were our own. You’re looking for quality. You’ve found it. It is right in our name. ABC Quality Moving & Storage. Call today at 1-888-983-MOVE (6683).