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The Philosophy of Packing Boxes

When you moved out of your college dorm, trash bags and laundry baskets were perfectly acceptable modes to transport your belongings home.

Unfortunately, that is not going to work for major moves later on. You need to know what materials are necessary and how much you need to handle all of your items. Most importantly, you want to know the best way to load those boxes for thorough and efficient packing.

You can always skip that step with professional packing services from ABC Quality Moving & Storage. If you’ve decided to pack DIY style, we’ve got these awesome tips to get you to packing pro status in no time.

  1. Gather moving supplies. It is best to use actual moving boxes to keep your stuff safe. Used boxes are likely to collapse, and boxes from grocery stores could be infested with unwanted pests. Don’t forget packing tape, bubble wrap or other buffer material, and a permanent marker.
  2. Invest in different types of moving boxes. Contents of the average household will fill about 60 boxes. Small cardboard boxes are great for heavy items like tools or books. They are also good for packing individual items that are fragile. Medium boxes are good for clothes, toys, and kitchen items. Save larger boxes for lighter weight items such as bedding, pillows, and towels. Consider specialty boxes, too. Use wardrobe boxes for special hanging items. Dish packs are extra strong for breakables. Use picture boxes for framed photos and artwork.
  3. Fold the bottom of the box and tape it securely. Make sure one covers where the two sides meet, and put one more on each side slightly overlapping the center piece of tape. Each piece should cover at least six inches of the vertical sides of the box.
  4. Pack like items together. Food goes with food, towels with towels, etc. It makes unpacking a lot more organized, and you won’t have to look through several boxes for a specific item you need.
  5. Pack liquids securely. Cardboard does not like moisture. Wet boxes won’t hold up and can cause a big mess. Triple bag liquid items in plastic, stack them upright in your boxes, and be sure they can’t move around. Mark the box as containing liquid items.
  6. Fill up the box. For items that are not fragile, fill every space of the box while making sure you can still carry it. Partially filled boxes can collapse when staked. Use material such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or paper to fill in voids before you seal the box.
  7. Fragile items need more cushion. Plan on at least two inches of packing material on all sides of the box including the bottom. You can also use soft fabric blankets or clothing items to keep your breakables safe. After packing a fragile box, shake it gently. Are there items moving inside? Do you hear metal or glass scraping? If yes to either, repack the items until your gentle shaking results in a silent and sturdy box.
  8. Heavy items go on the bottom. They can withstand more pressure than lighter belongings. When packing books, protect them from damage by placing them with spines facing away from you. As a rule, fully packed boxes should not weigh more than 30 pounds.
  9. Label your boxes with detail. Writing “bedroom” on the side of a box may make sense when you are packing, but specifying which bedroom and where it goes is even better. Try “Master Bedroom- night stand contents” or “Kitchen- copper pots and pans.” Be sure to indicate which boxes are fragile. Mark boxes clearly on the side and the top.
  10. Pack a box for your essentials. Keep items you need right away with you and not in the moving truck. This includes clothing and toiletries for a day or two, your phone charger, medications and important documents. Don’t forget to grab essentials for for the pets and plants, too.

Once you’ve taken good care to pack your belongings, trust ABC Quality Moving & Storage to get it to your new home safely. Our staff expert staff provides unparalleled service throughout your move. We’re committed to providing you affordable, safe and expedient moving and storage services. Let us know how we can help you. Call ABC Quality Moving at 314-772-1887 to get started on your next move