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Winter Weather House Moves

You’ve found your forever home and have scheduled your move with ABC Quality Moving & Storage. That’s great!

What should you keep in mind if that move date lands in the middle of winter? Don’t shiver over the thought of moving during cold weather. With these suggestions and the professional services of ABC Quality Moving & Storage, you’ll be warm and cozy in your new place with ease.

Moving during winter months is not very popular, so you could save money. (Of course, ABC Quality Moving & Storage has awesome prices every day.) You should avoid moving right around major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. When you leave the heavy lifting to us, your winter move can be simple and hassle free.

Winter days come with shorter daylight hours, so planning ahead will maximize what you can get done. A great way to minimize winter moving stress is to minimize the items you need to move. Go through your possessions and sell, donate or dispose of items you haven’t used in a long time or items that won’t fit into your new place. Less stuff means less time and less hassle on moving day.

When it gets close to moving day, check the weather forecast often. The Midwest has seen temperature swings of 40-50 degrees during winter months within a day or two. Being prepared for unpredictable weather is not easy, especially when faced with driving conditions that are not moving-friendly. If you are moving long distance, check the weather along the entire route and your destination to make sure each leg of your journey is passable.

Keep your utilities on in both your old house and your new one. You don’t want to be cold while the truck is being loaded, and you don’t want to arrive to a new place that isn’t warm either. Keeping your heat source on also prevents freezing pipes. Contact your local utility company to schedule the best connection and disconnection times for your move.

Plan ahead for parking, loading and unloading. Especially if it snows, do your best to secure a dedicated spot for the moving truck. You might want to alert neighbors that a truck will be coming, and tell your professional ABC Quality Movers where the best place is to go.

Clear snow off sidewalks, steps, and paths at both your current residence and your new place before your expert movers arrive. Both you and your movers are concerned about safety, and cleared walkways are good for our people and your belongings.

Before moving is underway, you may want to cover your floors. There will be many trips in and out of your home, and cleaning up snowy footprints is a hassle. These can be old sheets, towels, or tarps that can easily be removed once moving is done. If you don’t have a floor cover available, try to have mats at the entrance so feet can be wiped easily.

Don’t be stressed about your winter move. Chill out by calling ABC Quality Moving & Storage for a free quote from your local St. Louis house moving company. Our professional team will answer your questions and competitive pricing. Start the move process today by calling ABC at 636-223-MOVE!