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Money Saving Tips

Helpful Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Move

ABC Quality Moving is here to provide you with all of the services needed for a hassle free move. You can sit back and have confidence in our professional crews to handle every aspect of your move.

We understand moving can be expensive, and we’ve prepared a list of tasks, in order of most savings to least, that you may wish to perform yourself to help lower your moving costs.

  • Move all miscellaneous unboxed items such as lamps, pictures, glass table tops, toys, yard tools, etc., yourself. (Please note that ABC Quality Moving does not insure these items unless we pack them).
  • Do your own packing ( ABC Quality Moving does not insure self packed boxes unless there is visible damage to the box or the box has been visibly mishandled).
  • As you pack your boxes take them to the garage or a common area on the main floor (making sure that there is a clear path to move the large furniture) At the unload site have the movers leave the boxes in the garage (This also keeps the new home from being cluttered and you can unpack at your own pace).
  • Disassemble and reassemble items yourself.
  • Move hanging garments yourself to save time and the cost of wardrobes. (ABC Quality Moving will only move clothing in wardrobe boxes)
  • Someone should be present at both locations and readily available to direct the movers and answer questions.
  • Make sure that all electronics are disconnected and wires are removed or taped tightly to them.
  • Label all boxes by room (this is very important if you want the movers to put the boxes into specific rooms)
  • Be prepared for the movers. Have everything ready to go when they arrive.
  • Make sure that pets and children are safely out of the way and cannot interfere with the movers. ( This is also for their own safety)
  • Due to licensing and liabilities, we cannot disconnect or reconnect any gas appliances or hard-wired electrical appliance, be sure this is done before the movers arrive.
  • Develop a floor plan for placement of the furniture at the new location, this will avoid confusion and down time at your new home or office.
  • Keep boxes and smaller items to the side at both locations so that the movers have a clear path to move the large furniture pieces. Also make sure that boxes and smaller items don’t get placed where furniture is to go at the new home.
  • Reserve elevators, dock space and parking for your move well before the movers arrive.