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St. Louis Condo Moves

People purchase condos during all phases of life. You might be first starting out, ready to downsize, or just no longer want the hassle of yardwork.

Whatever your motivation, moving into a condominium offers the freedom of homeownership without the snow shoveling or weed removal. ABC Quality Moving and Storage has been moving St. Louis from studio apartments to sprawling mansions for over three decades. We are here to offer some expert guidance about purchasing and moving into a condominium.

Three Things to Consider about a Condo Purchase

  1. You now have an HOA and the fees that go with it. A homeowner’s association can be a blessing and a curse. The HOA governs the rules of your community from the color of your front door to the parking lot regulations. Due diligence is necessary to find out if the HOA of your community has been fiscally responsible and up to date with repairs and maintenance. HOA fees are paid monthly and cover things like trash pick-up, common area and landscaping maintenance, and more. Having someone else take care of this stuff is helpful, but HOA fees can sometimes equal more than half of your mortgage payment.Some repairs are your responsibility and some are not. Inside your condo, if it breaks, you fix it. This includes your appliances, faucets, commode etc. If the roof needs replacing or there is something structural that needs repair, the HOA will have the work performed, but you may be subject to a special assessment to cover the costs.
  2. You are going to have long-term neighbors. In an apartment, renters come and go every few months or years. When you buy a condo, you are sharing your walls with a private owner who might be there for decades. Remember to be friendly, establish boundaries, and be a good neighbor yourself.
  3. Mortgage interest rates may be higher. Several lenders tack on a large interest rate for condos with a loan-to-value percentage, and may not finance at all in a community that has poor financial recordkeeping. It doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal, but it does mean you have to do your homework.

St. Louis Condo MovesThree Things to Consider about a Condo Move

  1. Decide early what you are taking. For most, a condo purchase means downsizing. Before calling ABC Quality Moving to schedule your quote, be sure to take inventory of what you are bringing with you. Give away items you no longer need to charity, or hold a garage sale. Whatever route you choose, saying goodbye to your stuff will feel great when you are finally settled into your sweet new place.
  2. Find out the rules about when you can move. Some communities might have limited hours you can physically move in or out of the building. Make note of this and share this information with your mover. A tight move-in window may mean you need a larger moving crew. Our free quote will include all of the information you need to make the right decision.
  3. Navigate parking and entrance for your mover. Especially in a high rise or in urban areas, you need to find out where parking a moving truck is allowed for easy access. Is there an elevator available, or will movers be using the stairs? Are there any tricky corners or small hallways to consider? Do your best to make sure there are no surprises on moving day. No worries, the expert movers at ABC Quality Moving and Storage are adept at tricky moves.

ABC Quality Moving and Storage is your St. Louis condo mover. Whether you are moving from one floor to another, from your college apartment to a trendy loft, or from a three story row home to a first floor senior condo, ABC Quality Movers handle your items as if they were our own. We are courteous, dependable and ready to move you into your condo. Call us today for a quote and to reserve your moving date at 1-888-983-MOVE (6683)