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No Move Too Small


You’ve been in your house for decades and aren’t going anywhere. Your oldest kid, however, is getting her own place and really wants to take your living room furniture. Don’t try to fit the sectional in the back of the SUV. For small moves, ABC Quality Moving is a great choice. You may not have considered hiring a professional when there is not a lot of stuff to move. Here are the reasons why small moves are best left to experts like ABC Quality Moving & Storage.

Time is of the essence.

If you are limited by time, hiring movers to get it done quickly and efficiently is the way to go. Our movers handle the loading and unloading fast. You concentrate on the other moving logistics. Let us do the manual labor.

You have heavy or bulky items to move.

Don’t chance getting hurt moving heavy furniture. That sectional is a lot heavier than it looks. Our professional movers know how to move heavy and awkward items to prevent injury and keep your items safe. Think about how glad you will be to have someone else hauling your furniture to the second floor, too.

You just want to move stuff around.

Is it time to redecorate and move that futon down to the basement? ABC Quality Moving can provide the labor to reposition your furniture the way you like it. Let our expert movers reposition the bed under the window or move the dining room table into the newly expanded eat in kitchen. Labor only moving is a great solution to small move challenges.

It might take more than one trip.

Do you really think that you can fit all of that stuff in the back of the Subaru? Even if you are just moving a few things across time, you will waste time and fuel making more than one trip. Don’t the number of items or lack of miles fool you. ABC Quality Moving & Storage can load and transport your small move in one trip. The convenience makes it worth it.

You have a long way to go.

You may not have a lot of stuff to move but do have a long way to move it. Road trips are great, but not if you cannot see out the back window because of the boxes in the way. Don’t risk your car pulling a trailer. Don’t risk your relationship with the stress of driving a big rental moving truck. Look forward to your long distance move, save wear and tear on your car, and let ABC Quality Moving & Storage handle your stuff.

ABC Quality Moving & Storage can move one chair or a warehouse of furniture. We can pack a few boxes and haul them across the street pack dozens of boxes and haul them across the country. Whatever your moving and storage needs, count on ABC Quality Moving & Storage to handle it all. For a free quote from your local St. Louis house moving company, call ABC at 636-223-MOVE!