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Moving a Single Item

Megan just found the perfect sectional for sale on Facebook Marketplace. After some negotiation and daydreams of the perfect furniture placement, the ad was marked sold. Now all she had to figure out was how to get the nine-piece sofa from forty miles out of town into her very empty living room. Even the promise of a home cooked meal didn’t entice her friends with trucks to volunteer. Would it be silly for her to call a professional mover to help?

You should definitely call ABC Quality Moving and Storage, even when you need to move a single large item.

You already know that ABC Quality Moving and Storage offers professional moving services for your local and long distance moves big and small. Whether you are relocating your entire house or just one single item, we’ve got you covered. Maneuvering a large item without damaging the item or surrounding area takes skill, training and transportation that the most people lack. The expert movers at ABC Quality Moving are often called to relocate one item, sometimes within the same house. Across the hallway or across the country, the one item you need moved will arrive safely.

Hire a professional mover to bring home a large item you’ve purchased second hand or to rearrange furniture in your home. Consider a professional mover to haul a large item to the curb that you are discarding or donating. If you are responsible for estate management, you can use single-item services to deliver multiple individual items to multiple individual locations. ABC Quality Moving and Storage is full-service, so call us with your needs and we will offer the best service and pricing around.


Valuable & Sentimental

Hire a professional mover for your single item is appropriate when that item is highly valuable or sentimental. Don’t risk damaging it by dropping it or trying to shove it in the back of a rental van. Let the experts handle it.



Hire a professional mover for your single item when it is delicate. ABC Quality Moving and Storage is adept at securely transporting fragile items. We care for your belongings as if they were our own.


Safe & Healthy

Hire a professional mover for your single item so you can stay safe and healthy. Don’t throw out your back moving the pool table from your mother-in-law’s basement. Forego the safety boots that protect your toes when dropping the refrigerator on your foot. Your experience will be stress free, so ABC Quality Moving is good for your mental and physical health.

Call us to move large items such as

  • Appliances
  • Pianos
  • Sofas
  • Safes
  • Hot tubs
  • Antiques
  • Large artwork or sculptures
  • Oversized furniture
  • and more!

Megan called ABC Quality Moving and Storage to move her second-hand sectional, and she couldn’t be happier. ABC Quality Moving & Storage can move one item and a whole house full of items. For any moving and storage needs, count on ABC Quality Moving & Storage to handle it all. For a free quote from your local St. Louis house moving company, call ABC at 636-223-MOVE!