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Tipping Your Mover

Your professional ABC Quality mover puts the last box in the kitchen as the crew starts closing up the truck. The movers arrived right on time, and your boxes and furniture were treated with care. You smile because the entire moving process was really stress free. What’s the best way to let your mover know how much you appreciated the top notch service? A great Google review? A hearty thank you and a handshake? A tip? Yes to all of them; tipping your mover is a great way to thank them.

Tipping Your MoverFor some services, tipping is usually expected. Your hair stylist, valet, and restaurant server generally receive extra from you for good service. A tip shows your gratitude and appreciation for the hard work performed. Your moving crew is not any different. If you know they took exceptional care of your belongings, tipping is a great way to say thank you.

Is tipping the movers required? It is appropriate to show them you appreciate their quality work, but it is not required. Your professional movers are compensated for their labor. However, tipping movers is very common. Moving means lots of heavy lifting, travel up and down stairs, and other repetitive tasks. Tipping is an easy way to acknowledge their efforts.

What should you consider when tipping movers? First, factor in the time spent during your move. If it was moving a piece of furniture from one room to another, you would tip less than if you moved a four bedroom house full of items to a residence six hours away. Also consider the difficulty of the move. Did you have a lot of oversized and heavy furniture? Did you move from a one level bungalow to a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator? Extra effort deserves an extra tip. Finally, consider the quality and efficiency of your movers, You will find that ABC Quality Moving & Storage takes exceptional care of your items and is very respectful of your home and its surroundings. Our movers fully appreciate the validation that they did their jobs to surpass your expectations.

How much should you tip? That is completely up to you. Some customers use a guideline of 10% to 25% of the total move cost. Other customers may tip the same amount in cash to each member of the moving team. There is no standard amount. Just go with what you feel is appropriate for your moving situation.

At ABC Quality Moving & Storage, we want you to be happy with your moving experience from beginning to end. From the first call you make to our facility until the closing of the truck on moving day, we strive to make sure our clients are informed, impressed and completely satisfied with our efforts. You know moving is not an easy task, and our employees are genuinely thankful when you recognize their work with a tip. ABC Quality Moving & Storage is also genuinely thankful for your business. Small moves, big moves, storage and more. Call ABC Quality Moving & Storage today for a free quote at Call the locally owned operated caring professionals at ABC Quality Moving and Storage at 636-223-MOVE.