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Tips for Choosing the Right School District for Your Family

Relocating with a family comes with important decisions that have real impact on the future.

Tips for Choosing the Right School District for Your FamilyOne of these decisions is moving into the best school district to meet your needs. ABC Quality Moving and Storage knows this is an exciting and anxious time, and we are happy to provide you these tips to consider when choosing the perfect school district for your child.

  1. Zone in on areas that meet your housing needs first. Consider commute times, cost of living, shopping and recreational activities, and more. Your real estate agent can be a tremendous resource in this arena. An award-winning school district will not help if you are priced out of the homes available there.
  2. Research the options. When planning your relocation, gather as much information about the area school districts as possible. Browse school district websites, review ratings and rankings of schools, read reviews from other parents, and check out social media pages and forums to gain insights into the community. You should also visit the school district in person to gauge the community’s culture and get a feel for the local amenities.
  3. Identify your specific needs. Every child is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula to fit all. Take time to identify the specific areas of your child’s life that might require extra support or resources. School districts might not always offer the services your child requires, so it is essential to consider these factors.
  4. Consider the school curriculum. Do you have a budding football star or violin prodigy? Make sure that the school system you choose offers the programs that interest your child and their age group. Is the district well funded and can they offer a wide range of programs and the latest resources for your child’s education? Research the school district’s curriculum to ensure it aligns with your child’s learning needs.
  5. Review statistics and teacher qualifications. Factors such as teacher qualifications can influence the overall quality of education your child receives. Research to find out the district’s teacher to student ratio, the average class size, and the level of involvement the teachers have with the students. It is also important to verify the teachers’ qualifications, experience, and rating, as it will help determine the district’s level of success.
  6. Look at local amenities and the community environment. How does your school district interact with the community? The chosen school district’s environment and neighborhood amenities are important to consider. Factors like safety, availability of high-quality healthcare, recreational facilities, cultural institutions, and parks will also have an impact on your child’s overall happiness and well-being. Logistically, consider factors like the district’s transportation system.

Moving with your family is tricky, and choices require time, effort, and research. Make sure you include your school-age children in the process. Take them along on school tours, and look at their reactions to the children and environment. Following these tips will also put you on the right track to making an informed decision. Let ABC Quality Moving & Storage take away some of the stress that goes with moving. We offer top-notch service, and we treat your belongings with care. Most importantly, we are available for you before during and after your move. We want you to know you are in the best hands with our St. Louis moving company. Call ABC Quality Moving and Storage today at 1-888-983-MOVE (6683).