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Beyond a Moving Military Discount: How You Can Thank a Military Member

Here at ABC Quality Moving & Storage, we’re proud to offer active, reserve, and retired military members a special military move discount on our exceptional moving services. We also know that no amount of gratitude will be sufficient to thank our military service for their sacrifices. Serving in the military is one of the noblest things anyone can do. As civilians, we may not fully grasp the sacrifices our military members go through. However, making a simple gesture of appreciation can go a long way in recognizing their efforts.

Let’s take a break from our awesome packing advice and savvy relocation guidance to offer these ways that each of us can thank a military member.

Thank a military member in person

One of the best ways to show gratitude to a military member is by thanking them in person. Whether they are a family member or a stranger, a simple thank you can make a positive impact. If you come across a military member, take a moment to thank them for their service. Tell them that their sacrifices and dedication to serving their country are highly appreciated. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it will end with a smile.

Hand write a thank you note

Sending a thank you note to a military member is another great way to show appreciation. Whether it’s for serving overseas or simply being a military spouse, the thought of someone taking the time to write a heartfelt message can mean a lot. You can use online platforms like Operation Gratitude to send a letter to military members who are overseas. Additionally, if you know of a military member who lives in your town or state, send them a greeting card to show that you care.

Donate to or volunteer for military charities

Another way to show your support for military members is to donate to military charities. Many organizations support both active duty and veteran military members providing assistance with medical bills, food, housing, and education. Donate to a non-profit that trains service dogs for returning vets. Volunteer for your local VA medical facility. There are many valuable military charities that can use your assistance of resources or time.

Supporting veteran-owned businesses

Patronizing a veteran-owned business is a terrific way to repay our heroes. Veteran-owned businesses contribute a significant share of the US economy and provide ample job opportunities to fellow veterans. Veteran-owned businesses have a higher success rate than their counterparts. As business owners, they are more disciplined, self-sufficient, and passionate about what they do. They provide valuable products and services that cater to the unique needs of the community. We can make a difference by opting to do business with them and spread the word about their value to our community.

Send a care packages

Care packages filled with snacks, personal care items, and thoughtful notes are a tangible way to show support to military members, especially those deployed overseas. Organizations like Soldiers’ Angels provide guidance on what items are most appreciated and facilitate the sending of care packages to deployed troops. This is especially important around the holidays when families are missed most.

Support military families

Recognize that military service impacts not only the individual in uniform but also their families. Offer to help with household tasks, provide childcare, or simply be there to lend a listening ear. Supporting military families is a meaningful way to extend your appreciation to the entire military community.

ABC Quality Moving & Storage genuinely cares about our customers, employees, and the community. We thank our military members and hope we can make an impact my showing this gratitude. We also work hard to maintain our reputation as one of the best movers in metropolitan St. Louis and surrounding areas. We provide upfront pricing for your move and unbeatable service throughout your transaction. Our expert team lets you concentrate on establishing your new life in your new home. Start the move process today by calling ABC at 888.983.MOVE.