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Frequently Asked Moving Questions

When should I call your moving company?
While we do offer same-day and next-day scheduling that may not be the best option.

Ideally, you should call a moving company as soon as you know you will move. Calling as soon as you can ensure you can plan financially for the move and for how what and when you will pack. Having a plan will help your move go more smoothly.

In concrete terms, you need to call us 4 – 6 weeks before your local move to ensure we can schedule your move for the dates you want to move. We need at least four weeks for interstate moves to certify the most competitive pricing.

Do I need an estimate?
For larger moves, moves that require storage, or long distance moves, we highly recommend getting a written, no-obligation quote ahead of your move. Getting a quote takes the guesswork out of the move for you and for us. Requesting an in-person quote means you find out how much the move will cost ahead of time, and we know how many movers and trucks are necessary to make the move go as smoothly and quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in taking as much stress out of the move as possible.

When is the best time to move?
If you have any control over when you move, moving in the fall is the best time because the weather is the nicest. Summer is the hottest time of year, therefore the hardest time to move. However, we know our customers can’t always control when they have to move, and we help every one of our customers as best as we can in the circumstances. We recommend calling us as soon as you know when you need to move because that will give us the opportunity to schedule the right number of movers and trucks to your move to make it the smoothest, most efficient move.

How long does it take to move?
There are several factors in every move that determine how long it will take: household size, time of year, preparation, organization, long walks, elevators, double-handling requirements, disassembly or reassembly, specialty items, and the distance you are moving. We have more than a quarter-century of experience in helping customers move, so when we come give you a no-obligation quote on-site, we can give you an estimate of how long your move will take.

Do moving companies have to be registered?
Yes. We are registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation as a carrier of general freight and household goods anywhere in the U.S. When you’re researching a moving company, make sure they are registered with the U.S. DOT.

Can I have my possessions stored temporarily?
We offer the best storage options in the St. Louis area – we offer storage options starting on an overnight or weekly basis, which is virtually unheard of in the area. We understand that sometimes there is a gap between when you need to move out of your current home and into your new one, and we aim to make the storage to fill that gap as painless for you as possible.

Will my possessions stay clean during the move?
We wrap all your furniture using protection blankets, shrink-wrapping, and straps to protect your possessions on the moving truck.

How do I best protect my fragile items?
We are happy to offer our professional packing services to ensure your fragile items arrive at your next residence safely and intact. If you’re packing your own fragile items, here are some tips: wrap each fragile item individually, pad the container it will go in with several inches of soft material, and start with heavy items on the bottom, ending with lighter items on the top and using padding between all the items. Finally, seal the container well – if you’re packing cardboard boxes, use packing tape to seal the boxes. Mark the boxes with the word “fragile” and write the contents on the outside. Labeling is essential when packing and unpacking!

What can I pack in a dresser or a chest of drawers?
You can pack light clothing in the drawers. Do not pack books or other heavy items in drawers because they could cause the furniture to break during the move. Take all fragile and valuable items out of the drawers before the move, along with any liquids.

What can’t go in a moving truck?
You will need to move your pets yourself. The length of time plants would be on the truck should be taken into consideration when you decide whether or not to move your plants on the moving truck. Cleaning supplies etc., please review our comprehensive list on our website.

Other questions?
If you have any questions at all, especially about items not covered in this list of frequently asked questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular moving question with you.