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Junk Removal & Donation Pickup Service

Are you looking to do some cleaning up with the current crisis and extra time stuck in the house? Did a loved one just pass and you need help and support urgently?

Or did you get inspired to “KonMari” your house after watching Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and now you find that you have a lot of junk to get rid of?

We have your back! (Literally – and figuratively.) We offer a removal service to help you get rid of all those items you no longer want in your house. Just like with our moving services, we can pick up any item you have at your house – appliances, furniture, clothes, and general household items. We can even pack the items in the most cost-effective and protective manner. We then take the items to the appropriate places. For things that can be recycled we take them to the correct recycling centers, we donate what can be donated to donation centers, and we take the junk that truly has no place anywhere else to the dump.

We treat junk removal the same way we treat moving.  Just call us to set up an appointment or explain what you need removed.

When our movers arrive at your house, they will treat your house and the moving process with the same care as they would a move where you plan to keep your possessions. After all, if the items you want removed could go to help someone else, we want those items to get there in the same condition as the one you gave them to us.

If you have things that you need hauled away, give us a call. We’re more than just a moving and storage company. We’re also a junk removal company. In fact, we’ve been recycling, donating, and removing unwanted items in Saint Louis, Southern Illinois, Saint Charles, and Jefferson County since 1989.

More Than Just Junk Removal

ABC Quality Movers & Storage also offers the following:
  • Estate packing, donation, and distribution
  • Donation drop-off
  • Piano donation and disposal
  • Large appliance removal and recycling
  • Recycling
  • Removal of just about anything