• Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
  • Sat: 8am - 1pm
  • Sun: Moving Appointments Only

Local & Residential/Commercial Moving

Our service may be custom tailored to fit any client’s preferences or needs, large or small.  We may offer a full service move beginning with a complete professional packing service, and complete the move with unpacking.  Or we may simply provide moving service for the large back bearing furnishings only allowing our clients to proactively participate without the stress of all the heavy furnishings.

Please phone our friendly staff for questions pertaining to crew or truck size, availability and pricing.

      A two-man crew with one truck

      A three-man crew with one truck

      A four-man crew with two trucks

Weekend Rate Increase:

All of our skilled moving crews are full time and that ensures that a client will never be burdened with inexperienced staff, with that being said our crews do accrue overtime by Friday of each week, therefore by the laws instruction we are required to pay them time and a half for overtime.  The additional cost associated with moving on weekends is simply to cover this increase.

Travel Fee:

A one hour travel fee will be added to each move to cover the moving crews time and fuel to drive to the pickup location, as well as the moving crews time and fuel to return to our office from the clients drop off destination upon completion of the move.

Our rates are all inclusive including all necessary insurance, equipment, dis-assembly, reassembly, individual quilt wrapping of all furnishing, and floor protections for hardwood floors.

We do require a two hour minimum in addition to the one hour travel fee, which provides a total of three hours.  This concludes our three hour minimum in total.

Hourly rates will begin upon arrival at client’s pickup location and will continue until the move is completed at the clients new home, this time includes the drive time in between the residence.

Rates are subject to increases and decreases during peak and non-peak seasons