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St. Louis Packing Materials & Moving Supplies

Remember your college days, when “moving” meant piling all your possessions into your trunk and the backseat of your car? And maybe rigging up some temporary system across your backseat for holding your hanging items? Adulthood (or anytime post-college-hood) usually means that moving requires packing your possessions in boxes and renting a moving truck to get them to your next home.

Need moving supplies? We have them!Below is a guide to moving boxes so you can plan your next move a little more carefully than you did in your college days.

  • Small box (17” x 12.5” x 12.5”): This size box is best for books, records, papers, wine, liquor, tools and other small items
  • Medium box (18” x 18” x 16”): Fill this size box with pots and pans, towels, sheets, shoes, games, small pictures, lamp shades, toys, silverware, purses, cooking utensils, stereo components, and other odds and ends that would not fit into a small box
  • Large box (18” x 18” x 24”): The best types of items to go in a large box are cookie sheets, pans, serving trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, lamps, lamp shades, and other larger items or large groups of light items
  • Dish pack box (18” x 18” x 27.5”): A dish pack box is a box that is reinforced with another layer of cardboard and fits your dishes, plates, bowls, saucers, glasses, fragile figurines and knickknacks; even though the box is reinforced you should use tissue paper and/or bubble wrap to wrap individual items so they are less likely to break, dish pack inserts are also available
  • Wardrobe box (21” x 20” x 47”): This box is an upgrade from that temporary system you may have rigged up across the backseat of your car in college – it’s good for clothes on hangers, suits, dresses, formal wear, and long coats, along with shoes and other small, light items
  • Picture/mirror box (30” x 40” or 40” x 60”): For pictures or mirrors
  • Flat panel television kits: For flat-screen TVs

Packing Materials

If you have any questions about how many boxes you think it’ll take to pack you up, contact us at (314) 772-1887 and one of our St. Louis moving experts can help you estimate how many boxes you’ll need when they come give you a written, no-obligation moving quote.

View our available packing materials below:





Small Box

Books, records, papers, wine, liquor, tools.

17″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″$2.50
Medium Box

Pots and pans, linens (towels & sheets), shoes, games, small pictures, lamp shades, toys, silverware, purses, cooking utensils, stereo components, odds & ends.

18″ x 18″ x 16″$3.75
Large Box

Cookie sheet, pans, serving trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, lamps and lamp shades.

18″ x 18″ x 24″$4.25
Dishpack Box

Dishes, plates, bowls, saucers, glasses, fragile figurines, and knickknacks. These things should be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap for ultimate protection.

18″ x 18″ x 27.5″$8.00
Wardrobe Box

Hanging clothes, suits, dresses, formal wear, long coats. The bottom can be used for shoes, and other smaller, lighter objects.

21″ x 20″ x 47″$5.00 rental or $15.00 purchase
Packing Tape

Seal Boxes

Wrapping Packing Paper

Wrapping fragile items

25 Pounds$25.00 per 25# bundle
Moving Blankets, Quilts, & Pads

Wrapping fragile furniture

80″ x 72″$15.00 purchase or $5.00 rental
Shrink Wrap

Wrapping upholstered items

1800′ x 18″$25.00
3M Carpet Shield 
$25.00 per roll
Bubble Wrap
$100.00 per roll
(may be divided)
Picture/Mirror Cartons Telescopic

Small 30 x 40 or Large 40 x 60

Small: $5.50
Large: $6.50
Flat Panel Television Kits
Mattress Covers

Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King

$10.00 each regardless of size

Packing & Crating





Custom Crates

Contact us to learn more about custom packing and crating options.

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