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St Louis Piano Movers for Any Size Piano!

ABC Quality Moving & Storage Can Move Any Piano
As St Louis piano movers, we have more than 25 years of industry experience in moving pianos both large and small. We can move any piano in St Louis including your upright piano, baby grand piano, large grand piano, concert piano and any other kind of piano – you name it, we can move it, backing up our experience with hundreds of successful piano moves over the years. Think twice about using a service that only moves these once in a blue moon and relieve stress with a company that actually has extensive background in transporting large, fragile instruments which can weight up to two tons!

We’re a Professional St Louis Piano Moving Company

There’s often a temptation to treat a piano like any other large or bulky item but pianos are inherently fragile. Add steps, multiple floors, tight corners, and even yelling “pivot” every minute won’t save your piano if it’s handled improperly. We’re all for doing what you can on your own. Pack those piano books, box up those items that live on top of your piano but for the musical instrument itself, leave it to the professional St Louis piano movers! Whether your piano’s final home is an apartments, condo, town house, or house around town or across the country, our team is there from start to finish to relocate your piano.

Our clients trust ABC Quality Moving for St. Louis Piano Moving!
Our clients trust ABC Quality Moving for St. Louis Piano Moving. Fun fact: Pianos can weight up to two tons. We’ve been moving pianos for more than 25 years!

Before you grab a dolly and try to take this project on by yourself, take a gander at these piano moving steps and note the manpower required to move the piano in the photos. The moving crew featured in the photos isn’t even dealing with more than a few steps and it’s already tricky.

Piano Disassembly & Reassembly
Ideally pianos should be moved in one piece with minimal “touches” to their components. As a piano owner, you know how fragile a piano can be. Pianos have legs, foot pedals and a music stand and these items are fragile. We at ABC Quality Moving & Storage do everything to ensure whatever we move arrives in the same condition as before it began the move from its original location. For that reason, we have all the tools necessary to disassemble a piano to prepare it for a move, then reassemble it at its new location.

Special Piano Moving Tools
In addition to disassembling and reassembling your piano, if necessary, we will use one or more piano boards to move your piano. We evaluate every St. Louis piano moving job to determine the best way and means to move a piano and take action to ensure a smooth move from start to finish.

We Protect Your Moving Environment
As with every move, we protect the area from which a piano is being moved and the area to which a piano is moved. That means we protect any banisters, door jambs and any walkways that require it. We also use moving quilts and shrink wrapping to wrap all the individual pieces of the piano being moved. We make it our priority to protect the piano and its surroundings during a move.

Trust Us with Your St Louis Piano Move

Call us at (314) 772-1887 to get a no-obligation St. Louis piano moving quote. Add this to our other St Louis moving services for more value!