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What To Expect When Storing

Whether storing short term or long term we offer we offer a variety of solutions for your storage needs.

We are the only company in St. Louis that offers weekly not monthly storage plans.

All of our sanitized storage facilities are state-of-the-art, alarmed and secured with mobile monitoring. We offer both climate controlled and non-climate controlled facilities at competitive rates. Our units are all located on the first floor, with drive up access, allowing maximum savings of both time and money and the most efficient loading and unloading possible.

We offer discounts for long term, military personnel, and senior citizens storing with ABC Quality Moving & Storage.

Storage Table
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ABC Quality Moving and Storage will arrive and prepare a complete onsite itemized inventory, tag and record all your furniture and possessions for your protection and convenience when you contract our moving and storage services. All furniture is disassembled as needed, then quilt-pad wrapped and/or shrink-wrapped, in preparation for storage.

We can offer you week to week or month to month storage plans with NO DEPOSIT.

We also offer overnight truck storage to save you time and money, ideal, if you only need a single or several days holdover, until your new residence is ready, please inquire by phone.

Climate Controlled Storage:

For those precious antiques or electronics which require the utmost care we offer climate controlled facilities.

What is climate controlled?

The term “climate controlled” for the purposes of our facilities  means that the facility will use reasonable efforts to avoid temperature extremes in a unit by keeping the unit warmer than the outside temperature in cold weather, and cooler than the outside temperature in hot weather, therefore we maintainenvironment temperatures between 55°F and 85°F. We understand your valuables are irreplaceable and to ensure the quality of our facilities we maintain a regular pest control regimen and refuse to accept items which appear to have had contact with pest or water damage.

Non Climate Controlled Storage:

We offer non climate controlled storage as well as vehicle, atv, and boat storage.

We require that your valuable property is protected when stored within one of our facilities.  While some homeowner’s insurance policies may cover your valuables, some may not, therefore the following options are available.


When storing in a facility that you may need continuous access to, the available options can be found on the table below. This option cannot be pro-rated for less than a one month increment.

Option 1. Provided by Cornerstone Agency Services, LLC/SBOA Tenant Insurance, this option is only for self-storage that the client needs access to.

Select a Limit$2,000.00/Unit$3,000.00/Unit$5,000.00/Unit
Monthly Fee$8.00/Month$12.00/Month$20.00/Month

What if I want more than $5,000.00 worth of coverage?

If you require more than $5,000.00 total coverage, you can contact a customer service agent toll free at 1-888-288-9148 to obtain up to $20,000.00 in coverage.

Non Public Access:

When storing in a facility that you will not need access to, the available options can be found below.

  2. Or the client may provide a total value of the contents being stored and may follow the formula below to determine cost.  In the event of damage, and/or theft the client will pay a total deductible of $200.00/Unit to utilize this option or file a claim.


Suzie values the stored contents at a total value of $15,000.00.  Suzie will then divide the $15,000.00 by the $1,000.00 increment, to obtain the multiplier of 15.  Then the 15 will be multiplied by the rate of .50, providing the amount of $7.50 per week.

Step 1:  $15,000.00 / $1,000.00 = 15

Step 2:  15 x .50 = $7.50

Step 3: $7.50 x 4 Weeks = $30.00 / Month Total Valuation Cost

Therefore the total upfront cost to purchase a $15,000.00 plan is $30.00 per month. In the event that the client needs to use the coverage there will be an additional $200.00 Deductible.

In the event the client does not select one of these options for Nonpublic access storage, maximum liability for loss or damage shall be an amount equal to the maximum value of .60 cents per pound per article as described in option A.



While we make all possible efforts to ensure that items are stored and protected fully, storage can more complex than just that.

When items sit for extended periods of time the boxes do eventually begin to collapse.  This circumstance is unfortunate yes, but not always a sign of mishandling.  In order to maximize your hard earned dollars we must stack storage boxes and maximize the space allotted. We do this stacking in a conscientious manner considering heavy items should remain on the bottom however, over time the boxes will still collapse.

What can you do to help?

Wardrobe boxes are wonderful however they should not be overfilled, these boxes are especially delicate and are most likely to collapse during transit.  With these boxes we utilize the old cliché “Less is More”.  The less weight on the boxes and bars, the more likely your garments are to remain on the bars vs. inside the bottom of the box.

Also when packing boxes it is especially helpful to stuff any remaining space in the box with packing paper to ensure all extra space is filled.  This simple step will aid in ensuring the box is less likely to collapse.