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See what our customers are saying:

Joe W.

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ABC Moving I like these guys! They were real cool about me having to reschedule my move on a very short notice from my storage facility. No problem there!

Walt and Kevin show up as planned and introduce themselves and explained the pricing and everything and got to work. These two gentlemen were super nice, and have been in the moving business for a long time. These guys know their stuff, and their experience showed. They knew the best ways on how to pack up my smaller items into larger boxes they brought. Walt and Kevin both worked very efficiently.

These guys would carry several boxes at a time, and would place my items wherever I directed them in my new apartment. They also put my bed frame together for me. Kevin even suggested for the future on how to pack my cheaper furniture so it would not break.

Once we were done Kevin explained all the charges for their work.

This is a great moving company with very reasonable prices. Very glad I hired them!

Kelly C.

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Too bad we moved to a house we love and hope to live in forever. Otherwise we’d get to work with these guys again.

Billy, Josh, and David showed up precisely on time and TORE THROUGH OUR JOB with speed and efficiency–and without breaking or misplacing a single item. We added a couple of complications to our move (extra stop, extra appliances) and our final bill was still within the original quote.

It’s obvious that they care about doing a superb job. At one point, they thought they had broken something pretty minor, and they alerted us to it immediately. Turns out there wasn’t any damage, and we appreciated their timely forthrightness.

Also, they’re really nice and funny. But most of all professional

Susan Sivewright

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Our two movers were so careful and respectful, I really appreciated that!

Phillip Shaw

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On a very hot day Kevin and Greg did a fantastic job of getting everything moved with no problems at all. Very good and friendly service. Highly recommend using ABC Quality Moving.

Pat O’Connor

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We were incredibly satisfied with the movers at ABC Quality Moving. They knocked out an entire 2 bedroom apartment’s worth of furniture/stuff and moved it into a 2 story house within about 3 hours. Everything got through the move unscathed and the gentlemen (PJ, Billy, and Tim) were very friendly, approachable, and put everything where we asked. I would highly recommend ABC Quality moving to anyone!